Jun 032018


I’ve been banking with BMO for nearly a decade now. I opened a BMO bank account because my PC Financial bank wasn’t able to process an international cheque (Australia). When I moved to the USA I was forced to close my PC Financial account because they didn’t support non-residents of Canada. Luckily I never closed that BMO account and they do support non-residents. I’ve also had a BMO credit card for over a decade (but I’m replacing it soon)

Me trying to deposit an Australian cheque

Now that I’m back in Canada I’ve been exclusively using my BMO bank account. In the USA I banked with Chase. After using and American bank I am completely shocked at the state of Canadian banking today. I’m speaking primarily as a BMO customer but my understanding is most of the big banks are similar. Let’s go into some of the reasons I’m done with BMO:

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