For Writing


Looking for the best poorly written content? Look no further. I can write an article for your website. Not just on personal finance, but nearly any topic. Try me. I dare you. I’ll even fill it with relevant GIFs from the Simpsons if you’re into that!


Is technical writing what you’re looking for? Then you’re in luck. I’m one of those classically trained Mechanical Engineers. I even wrote a Masters thesis about Gecko Adhesion!

Technical writers and creative writers don’t normally mix. Tech articles are often dumbed down too much, or not enough. No one likes jargon, but everyone likes to know the relevant details. How else would you sound superior around your friends and family?

I can help you. I used to TEACH technical writing (as a teaching assistant). Go ahead and read any article on Profit Moose and witness the creativity oozing from the page.


How about editing? Have you ever seen a typo on this website? ….. Wait you have? Well, ignore that. I’m referring to editing your poorly written document to make it easy to read and understand. Rearranging ideas can have a substantial effect on readability. You need to have effective communication in written works if you expect to sell anything..

I have flexible rates based on the request. Let me know if you have any questions by emailing me: brendan [at] profitmoose [dot] com

For Personal Finance Consulting

I offer fee-only personal financial consulting. Through skype/phone/email/messaging I can help you get your finances in order. You know my investing style from reading Profit Moose, but I can present you a personalized plan. Let me know if you have trouble with any of the following:

1. Debt
2. General investing questions
3. How to open an investing account and purchase stocks/etfs/index funds
4. Opening an RRSP vs TFSA
5. Reducing expenses
6. Making those sweet sweet profits

Email me for more information: brendan [at] profitmoose [dot] com

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