Dec 212019

A quick update on the status of this blog:

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site, mostly because I’m lazy, but also because the site isn’t achieving its main goal. That goal being an attempt to earn passive income. Apparently it takes countless hours of writing quality, useful, and entertaining content to do that! This is my first attempt at public writing and website building. I think I’m doing pretty decently for a first attempt. But as far as generating a profit? I would have been better off getting a part time, minimum wage job. And yet here I am writing more, which brings me to the reason I keep writing despite a lack of financial gain – To figure things out and organize my thoughts. Also it’s kind of fun. And I like seeing the view counter go up and down. Also I like reading comments, especially from non-blood relatives (not that I don’t enjoy those as well).

They say the best way to learn something is to teach someone else. I figure if I can’t explain something in my own words then I don’t understand it, which is why a lot of my content is an attempt to explain complex topics like swap ETFs or the Canadian Pension Plan. But based on page views then most of you just want to hear me rant about BMO (My BMO rant nearly has more views than all other posts combined).

I have a few articles half written but I don’t think they’re ready for action yet, and may never be, mostly because they bore me. And if I’m bored you are definitely bored. Lately I haven’t found any interesting finance topics that I might actually invest in. That is, until now. Let me attempt to explain Preferred Shares:

Preferred Shares

I’m guessing many of you have never even heard of preferred shares (henceforth written as PS). But before we explain PS we must first define PS. How do you choose a PS? Why would you avoid PS? and what makes them so preferred?

Defined in a few words – A stock where you get first dibs on company payouts.

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